“Sustainable” can be a dangerous word. We hate to see it slapped lightly onto things. Let’s not fool ourselves: no industry in the world is 100% sustainable. Not yet. But we can all have unwavering transparency and accountability. And we should all be active about it. 

For instance, we have put great investment into the most demanding certifications and we keep aiming for more traceability in our products.

Yet we know that dedication to minimising our industrial footprint is not enough.
We must be radical with our creativity. That is why have established partnerships to develop even more innovative methods of production. Why we are finding new venues for our recyclable materials. Why we have restructured our business around sustainable practices. Why we promote circular economy thinking and design.

It turns out, a clear conscience is the one thing you can’t streamline.


Our newly launched line Care by Triwool stands at the forefront of our effort to move towards full sustainability. Over many years, we have researched ways to produce textile products using exclusively the most rigorously controlled materials when it comes to sustainability — and after long periods of development and testing, we are finally able to reveal our breakthroughs.

Although a long and proving journey, we are joyful to say that it was all well worth it. We are now one step closer to our ultimate goal and gratified that consumers around the world will be able to enjoy this line of garments with the same passion that we put into designing it.